About a year ago, a good friend of mine lost her mom to cancer. It’s been a difficult journey towards healing for her and her family. She has conveyed to me how hard it has been to not have her mom around to share things with. She would often pick up the phone to call her mom because of something she’d want to tell her about and suddenly realize that she wasn’t there anymore. Another friend of mine had a similar experience when her sister suddenly passed away. They were best friends and talked every day. Suddenly, and tragically, my friend found herself unable to call or text her sister anymore.

With the loss of a relationship, you can lose so much; a confidant, a place of safety, acceptance, comfort and love. You’ve lost the one with whom you habitually share your life with. This kind of loss can impact you in so many ways that it can seem unbearable at times. You might feel like you are no longer complete or that you have a giant void in your life.

I have found that there are seasons in our lives when we are surrounded by relationships that offer stability and comfort, and then there are seasons where for one reason or another, we may find ourselves quite lonely. This loneliness can be terrifying. However, we have someone who can sympathize with our pain. Jesus, the Son of God walked on this earth and experienced His earthly father dying, His friends and family all deserting Him when the going got tough. He is no stranger to loss or loneliness and He promises in His word, that He will be with us through our lonely and painful trials (Hebrews 13:5, 6).


These losses are hard, but there are opportunities to learn about ourselves, grow our faith in God and discover new strengths. Our relationships here on earth are all temporary, but God, our Heavenly Father is eternal. He is always by our side, whether we feel Him or not, ready and able to carry our burdens of sorrow and grief. Through this, He provides us with a relationship filled with peace and love and comfort.


Dear God, thank You for being my constant Friend and Savior. Amen.

Written by Michelle Gordon courtesy of the West Orange Chaplain Team