If you’re looking for a refreshing, healthy summer treat, these popsicles will hit the spot. The pineapple and mango flavors shine in this yummy, do-it-yourself favorite. Even better, this recipe is perfect for any little helping hands you might have in the kitchen; kids will feel great knowing they helped create their summer snack, and you’ll feel great knowing it’s nutritious and not loaded with added sugar.

10 (1 popsicle) servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Freeze Time: 6+ hours
Total Time: 6+ hours 

2 cups mango chunks, frozen 
1 cup pineapple chunks 
1 cup ice water 
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional) 
1 cup fresh orange juice

1. Place all ingredients in blender and puree until smooth.  
2. Pour blended fruit mixture into silicone molds and place a popsicle stick in each mold.  
3. Freeze a minimum of 6 hours, or until the liquid has completely solidified.

calories 66.72, fat 0.22g, sat fat 0.04g, cholesterol 0mg, sodium 2.25mg, carbohydrates 16.59g, fiber 1.08g, sugar 14.60g, protein 0.67g 

Created by Chef Edwin Cabrera, Copyright © AdventHealth