Tonya and Sonya Nicholson donated two beautiful aquariums to a local hospital. It completely changed the atmosphere in the lobby. Instead of an unknown, unfriendly environment that intimidated children, it was immediately transformed into a place of delight. The brilliant clownfish particularly attracted young kids. You could hear them squeal, “Look, Mommy, it’s Nemo!”

But within a week the fish began dying. Every few days “Nemo” had to be replaced. The staff called in the aquarium experts, but they couldn’t find the problem either. Finally one of them asked, “Are the lights always on in this area of the hospital?” The answer was yes. “Maybe that’s the problem,” he replied. “They aren’t getting any rest.” So every night the staff turned off the aquarium light. And the result? Nemo lived!


An over-stimulated world of electronic devices could give you the “Nemo syndrome.” Continuous interruptions without proper rest can put you in an early grave. The solution? At least seven hours of sleep at night, quiet time with God in the morning, pause at lunch to pray and one day a week off to celebrate love — a weekly Sabbath to refresh your song.


Lord, thank You for Your life-giving ways. Help me to enjoy rest and rejuvenation so that I can function at my best in body, mind and spirit. Amen.