Even before creation, God thought of you. When He decided to create the world, He already had you in mind. He knew what your name was going to be, what pet you were going to have, and how many times you were going to fall off of your bicycle. He chose what genes you would get from your mother and what genes you would get from your father. He designed YOU! The Bible says in Matthew 10:30 that “even the very hairs of your head are all numbered”. So let me tell you, YOU WERE NOT CREATED BY CHANCE!

When God made the world, He spoke and all things were created; except, us. When He created Adam and Eve, He did it with His own hands and He breathed life into them. From the very start, He was intimate with us, and his intent was to have a close relationship with us. He created us to be His friends, to worship Him, to trust in Him, to be like Him. So that longing you feel, that emptiness that nothing and no one in the world can fill, that is the need to trust in God and He created that need with your relationship with Him in mind. He wants to fill that empty space.

You may think, how? How do I start trusting in someone I feel so far away from? The answer is by being intimate with Him; by setting time aside to talk with Him, by believing that you are not here by chance, by believing you were made to do great things, and to live a life full of joy, health and love.

It will be hard at first, but repetition is the key to make it a habit. Some experts say that it takes between 14 to 21 days to create a new habit. That is not much considering the fact that creating a new habit such as this one will, in a positive way, impact every single aspect of your life. Think about it, but not for too long. The sooner you start, the sooner you will experience the peace that comes along with the fullness of trusting God and the transformation in other areas of your life such as your relationships, your stress levels, your outlook and even the quality of your sleep.

Set aside some time during the morning to pray and meditate on God’s Word. When you start your morning with God, the whole day will be positively affected.

Meditate – Reading the Bible is like having breakfast; you might need to put a little work into it, but it will fill you up and give you the energy you need to confront the everyday life events.

Pray – Praying does not necessarily have to be out loud or kneeling. You can be driving, laying down or even walking while praying. You can pray in your mind, with your spouse, your children, or someone you trust. You can pray anytime and anywhere you want to. Tell God your struggles, make Him a part of your everyday decision making process. Praise Him, thank Him, and share Him. He is not so high up that you cannot make Him a part of everything you do. He is near, and He wants to be with you. He is like an invisible super hero willing to share His superpowers whenever you ask. So, do it! Don’t you want to have His superpowers to overcome all things in life?

Believe it, God wants to be your friend. He wants to hear you complain, cry, laugh, and scream. He wants to see you move, serve, read, eat and even sleep. He is interested in your happiness and well-being. He wants you to be healthy and trust in His goodness. Trust that He loves you, that He forgives you, that He will never abandon you, and that He created you to be happy and intimate with Him. Trust that He is always only a prayer away. Start believing in God. Start trusting in everything He is and everything He created you to be. Wake up every day allowing those thoughts to drive your life, your decisions, your interactions, and in no time you will be living CREATION Life!