It is easy to see how trusting relationships can create a sense of security.

Interestingly enough, this feeling, and other benefits, exist even within relationships where there is little opportunity for reciprocity. While we often experience limitations in human relationships, God has promised to meet all our needs no matter how big or small.

No wonder, then, that studies have found that belief in God reflects an overall increase in life satisfaction, as well as a greater satisfaction with one’s community, job, and even marriage.

One interesting study conducted at UCLA revealed that people who were most likely to perceive God as a remedy, as being a force that releases them from or resolves problems of living, reported the highest levels of marital satisfaction and satisfaction with personal health.

These research studies support the Biblical truth that a positive, loving view of God is a powerful healing force in our lives.

Doing things that enhance our trust in God, such as attending church, praying, studying the Bible, and praising God, all make our life better.

Our view of God is indeed important. It is easy to understand scientific observations that belief in a loving God contributes to positive outcomes while a perspective that emphasizes obedience to a punitive God contributes to negative outcomes. This research illustrates that the way we view God matters to our health. A positive view of God, and the practice of a religious life, including forgiveness, promotes better health.

In our world we are surrounded by challenges. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are big and can seem totally overwhelming. No matter what we face today or tomorrow, experiencing the transformational power of a loving, trusting God can have a profound and positive effect on us. God has expressed His desire to be by our side through every challenge.

When we hurt, He hurts with us. He longs for us to trust Him with our challenges, to look up to Him and cling to His strong hand. He longs for us to rest in His loving arms. As we enter a new year, place your trust firmly in Him. He will give you strength, courage, and peace.